Comic 46 - Speeeeess

20th Jan 2019, 2:29 AM
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20th Jan 2019, 2:29 AM
Got to do more randomness.

Why did I just discovered this song almost at the end of 2018??


20th Jan 2019, 4:33 AM
He won't be fine.

Hey, if you want a sadder version of this song, look up Jonathan Coulton's Space Doggity. Even worse, it's based off of an actual story.
20th Jan 2019, 4:44 AM
He will, even their most basic suit have enough protection from the vacuum of space for days. They also have a tractor beam on hand as well.

Got to look that up.
20th Jan 2019, 7:41 PM
How FF8 should have ended, lmao :D

You know, in Gundam there is this punishment when they throw you in space and leave you there. With some provisions to last for a while but that is it. I always found that hella scary and maddening.
At least here they can have fun ;)